What Are Mala Beads

They are more than just a string of beads, a necklace or a   fashion trend.  Mala beads have been used by spiritual seekers and yogis for over 3,000 years.  Their roots are deeply connected to both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Sanskrit, the term mala means ‘garland’ and they are often referred to as prayer or meditation beads. 

Traditionally they have 108 beads and are used as a tool to keep track of ones prayers or mantras.  The tassel, stone or pendant is called the guru bead and represents gratitude for ones teachers. 

Malas can be worn by anyone.  They are a physical reminder of the dreams, intentions and goals that one is looking to manifest in their life.  All of the materials hold a significant meaning and are believed to have various healing qualities.

All of our malas are hand-made with love by artist and designer, Danielle Davies, in Toronto.