One thing you need to know about me is that I 100% believe in signs from the universe.  After a long year of sadness and depression, I decided to travel to Egypt.  If you’ve never been, I suggest you book your flight now because it's friggin' magical!  Before I left, I changed my Instagram name to “leadwithluv”.  I had no idea why I felt pulled to change it because deep down my heart was broken and my faith in love had been shattered.

While on a tour in Luxor, our guide asked us if we knew why all of the sculptures had their left foot forward.  None of us had a clue, I guess those 7 years of studying art history really helped!  She turned to us and said “It represents leading with love.”  My friend Leianne looked at me like she had seen a ghost!  We could not stop laughing.  Once again the universe had to let me know that she is always guiding me and in that moment I could feel that she wanted me to believe in love again.

That trip to Egypt reignited my passion for life. I realized that I had spent way too much time NOT being true to myself. I wasn’t sharing my love with the world. I am my happiest when I am creating and that is what led me here.

My creations are inspired by my love for travel. 

My love for adventure and exploration.
My fascination with culture, tradition, and spirituality.
And most of all my desire for real and authentic love to be present in everyones life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, my friend.
I hope your day is filled with light and love.