The Creator

The Artist.

Danielle is a romantic at heart and is always seeking experiences that deeply pull on the heart strings of her soul.  She easily falls in love with new places, cultures, food, art, fashion and anything that feeds her desire to feel connected.   She has always had a deep appreciation for beautiful things. She believes that beauty can be found everywhere and in everything, as long as we take the time to look beyond the surface and go deeper.  Her creations are a reflection of her life experiences, travel adventures, relationships and her commitment to add more beauty to the world.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Ontario College of Art & Design and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University.  She majored in sculpture and loves to play with textiles, photography, painting and dance.

The Energy Worker. 

From a young age, Danielle has always been interested in the spirit world.  Her family has been in the funeral business for three generations and she recognizes that this has had a huge impact on how she views life, death and beauty.  While many people fear the unknown, Danielle walks directly towards it.  She remains curious and open to all spiritual beliefs, as she has a deep desire to understand other peoples perspectives.  This journey led her to become a certified yoga teacher and reiki master.  She is also extremely intuitive and enjoys working with tarot, oracle cards, astrology, and gemstones.  She believes we all have the power to heal ourselves and she is fully committed to supporting others on their journey.

The Leader.

Danielle has spent most of her career  as a teacher, manager and leader.  She is a true team player and loves to collaborate with others.  She is not interested in reaching the finish line alone.  She has a true passion for self development and is constantly pushing herself to lead by example.  After many ups and downs in her personal and professional life, she realized that she needed to first focus on leading herself.  This is where “Lead with Luv” came from.  She realized that she had spent many years being extremely tough on herself and therefore that was holding her back when trying to lead others.  She has discovered that leading herself with love was the key to showing up powerfully for others.  As a young child she was always drawn to the work of Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.  She has always felt that the most impactful leaders are the ones who lead with their heart first and hopes to do the same.