My Mala Broke

Malas absorb negative energy from us as well as our surroundings.  You will want to be careful with your mala and show it lots love.  It is recommended that you do not wear it during physical activities or while in water.  Many people will choose to remove their mala during yoga and place with it on their mat to prevent damage.

You might want to shed a tear when your mala breaks and consider that it breaking is actually a good thing.  We wear our malas with a specific intention and once that has been fulfilled it is time to declare something new. The mala breaking is a physical sign that you need to be up to something different or take on a new practice.

If you have a gut feeling that you are not complete with the intention you set and you are not ready to let go of your mala, don't hesitate to send it back to practice108 for some doctoring love.  Read through our returns, exchanges and shipping info to repair your mala. 

If your mala broke and you would like it repaired please Connect with us so we can gather specifics, some instances we may only ask that you cover shipping charges. This may take up to 3 weeks.