Distance Reiki Session

    • Let’s break down the concept of Reiki so that this ancient Japanese practice makes sense in 2020. I am going to explain this complex tradition by comparing it to raking your backyard.

      We rake our backyard to simply clean up the leaves and debris that have fallen into our space. Sometimes the mess and clutter is directly connected to the trees, plants and animals that live in our own yard and sometimes it’s due to the weather, seasonal changes or the yards of those around us.

      In the end, we need to rake our backyard for both internal and external reasons. Nothing is wrong or right about this, it is just something that simply needs to be done. The act of cleaning up the backyard decongests the earth, creates space for new things to grow, and gives us a sense of pride. It also creates a beautiful space for us to enjoy.

      Imagine your body is like your backyard. You collect both positive and negative energy in your body each day. This is caused by experiences from your past, your own actions, the people around you, the environment you are in, and even from the world as a whole. When you ignore this energy buildup it can manifest in many different ways. For example, it can cause stress, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, lack of motivation, physical pain, health problems and much more.

      Reiki is a practice that allows us to address all of this energy buildup and create more movement and flow within the body. I’m not a doctor, a miracle worker or super woman, although I dream about being all three! What you can be sure of is that you will get exactly what you need from your session. Energy knows exactly what is needed in the moment and this is when we need to give ourselves room to surrender and trust the process. Healing takes time and while some people may feel a lot in the moment, others may not begin to feel a change until days or weeks after a treatment. Each persons experience is unique to their own journey.

      Let’s bring it bring it back to the idea of your yard. If you left the yard a mess and never cleaned it up, it would probably generate negative feelings. Your body, including your mind and soul, is the very same. It needs to be decluttered, raked and cared for so that you can be your best self. I hope we get to work together, do some raking and shift some energy so that you can get up to BIG things and create a life you love.

      If you have any questions before purchasing a session please feel free to reach out of me!

    • 1: Decide on the length of your session (30, 45, or 60 minutes).

      2: Choose how you would like any insight, feedback or suggestions shared with you. I can do this over the phone or I can email you an audio recording. You choose what suits you best and what feels most comfortable.

      3: Set up a date and time for your session and email me a photo of you.

      4: Before your session take a few minutes to set yourself up. Choose a quiet place where you can sit or lay down comfortably for the duration of your session. You can add candles, incense, aroma therapy, crystals, anything that brings you comfort or is relaxing. No matter what you choose the energy will still reach you.

      5: We are moving energy around and sometimes you can experience this shift on a physical level. After your session I aways recommend staying hydrated and getting the rest you need. Do your best to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

      6: What's next! If you are interested in continued support and development after your initial session I offer one on one coaching as Reiki packages.

    • + promotes relaxation
      + assists with healing the body
      + helps with feeling more balanced
      + develop emotional, mental and spiritual well-beng
      + relieve emotional and physical stress

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