The Crew

I began my fitness career over 24 years ago as a group fitness instructor. I am currently the Group exercise director for LIV North overseeing several corporate wellness centres in Toronto and also leading virtual and outdoor fitness classes. It is important for me to always deliver a safe, customized workout. Clients benefit from my contagious energy and passion for life. Whether spending time with me one on one or in a group setting, you’ll instantly be drawn to my positive attitude and I always encourage my clients to reach their full potential.
I have initiated various fundraisers for many worthy causes. My dedication to helping individuals and families achieve their fitness and health goals is equal to my charitable efforts. My passion for fitness and training is only rivaled by my commitment to giving back to the community.
What are your strengths? 
Motivating + Inspiring + Encouraging
How do you lead with luv?
Growing up as an overweight child I developed a low self esteem.  Through exercise and active living I learned the importance of wellness and feeling good about myself both mind and body.  Now it's my purpose to inspire others to take care of themselves and have fun doing it. 
Connect with Carmen:
Instagram: @carmenpuyofitness

My friends and family call me Jac. I'm a people leader and cheerleader by day, wine enthusiast by night, passionate about fashion and huge supporter of clean top-quality hair, beauty and wellness products.
What are your strengths?
I love leading and supporting others through their goals and creative journeys.
How do you lead with luv?
I lead myself with luv through, yoga, words of affirmation, sunshine and good wine.
Connect with Jac:
Instagram: @ jaclynvictoria_ 

Hey! I’m Sil. Many know me to be a woman of many trades. I have been a Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach for the last 11 years. A big part of my life has been focused on working and walking alongside with my clients in their health and fitness journey at our company, Fitlife Athletics. I love powerlifting, bodybuilding and love being active outdoors.
Through the pandemic, I launched my second business, Silsconcretejungle! It’s safe to say that I live in a jungle. I love to source plants and style homes with plants for clients. Educating new plant parents bring me so much joy! Plants being living things, need love, care and attention. They reduced my anxiety and stress significantly. If you don’t own a plant, I highly suggest treating yourself to one. You won’t regret it! Hit me up! (your local #plantdealer)
What are your strengths?
Creativity + Empowerment + Wisdom
How do you lead with luv?
I Lead with Luv by: Putting God first which right away means I am giving and showing love everywhere I go. I also am sure to take care of myself by working out and checking my mental health so I am in a place where I am powerfully lead and share.
Connect with Sil:
Instagram: @fitlife_silvia | @fitlifeathletics | @silsconcretejungle
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