Question Card Reading

      • We all need a little guidance, support and insight sometimes. The One Question Reading is perfect if there is something specific that is weighing you down or if you feel you are in need of some external support. If you have any questions before purchasing a session please feel free to reach out of me!


          Ask open ended questions.
          Try to keep your questions about yourself.
          Take ownership of the situation.
          Try to keep your questions focused on the present or near future.
          Think of multiple ways to ask the same question.
      • #1: Choose the number of cards you would like me to pull.

        #2: Share your email and question with me.

        #3: I will pull the cards for you and complete your reading.

        #4: I will email you an image of the cards as I feel there are always messages in the images. I recommend taking a look at the images and reflecting on what you personally see.

        #5: I will email you an audio recording of any insight I have or anything that comes forward during your reading. It is important to remain open during this process and try to release any feelings of control or judgment.

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