Goddess Card Reading

    • Seeking extra guidance from the Divine Feminine is not only healing but extremely empowering and motivating. Feminine energy represents creation, intuition, sensuality, community and collaboration. This is the reading for you if you are looking to bring more of these things into you life.

      If you have any questions before purchasing a session please feel free to reach out of me!

    • Questions to ask yourself:

      Are you feeling disconnected to your feminine energy?
      Do you feel that you have to be strong all of the time and fight through life?
      Deep down do you know that you are powerful but you are struggling to bring that energy forward?
      Do you want more balance, passion and love in your life?
    • 1. Share your email and any questions or information you want me to bring to your reading.

      2. I will pull a cards for you and complete your reading.

      3. I will email you an image of the card as I feel there are always messages in the images. I recommend taking a look at the image and reflecting on what you personally see.

      4. I will email you an audio recording of any insight I have or anything that comes forward during your reading. It is important to remain open during this process and try to release any feelings of control or judgment.

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